Viking Outdoor Gas BBQ

Viking turns your garden into an outdoor kitchen worthy of a master chef.

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Viking Gas BBQ + TrueSear™.

Build in Outdoor BBQ, it is all you need

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Viking Gas BBQ & Cart

BBQ anywhere with the Gas BBQ & Cart

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Viking Gas Side Burners

Sauce, Vegetables, any BBQ extra is easily created.

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Viking Outdoor BBQ

Viking offers a complete outdoor line – transforming your backyard into a free range kitchen!

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Viking Gas BBQ

The new Ultra-Premium Gas BBQ deliver Unrivaled Power and Style to the backyard.

Viking Gas Wok/Cooker and Side Burners

61cm Wok/Cooker with 8.1 kWh Burner (LP) is a perfect match for any food lover

Steel Green

Stylish Four steel cast burners and a wooden deck is why this Green is the center of attention at any BBQ

Steel Caddie

The Caddie is multy purpose BBQ with 4 burners and 1 side wok burner. Perfect for all your needs.

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