Viking FAQ’s

Do the Outdoor stainless steel cabinets come with countertops?

No. The countertop for Viking outdoor stainless steel cabinetry must be supplied by locally supplied source.

Will my grill hold up in the outdoor elements?

Any piece of equipment will last longer and maintain proper operation when it is cared for and cleaned properly. See the Viking grill Use and Care manual to determine how to best care for each component. In general however, all Viking outdoor appliances are built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements. They are constructed of high grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Each component must pass special outdoor testing in order to obtain proper certification. Every control panel graphic is laser-etched at the factory and will not smudge or run

Will special care be required if my grill is placed in a high salt environment?

Under rare conditions, such as in an extremely salty environment, small amounts of rust may accumulate on stainless steel parts. These small amounts of surface rust can easily be removed by applying Soft Scrub® Gel to a damp sponge and wiping with the stainless steel grain. It is important to make sure you wipe with the grain for the most efficient removal of surface rust. It is more important to keep the outside surfaces of the grill clean in such environments and a Viking grill cover is highly recommended.