Steel Green Barbecue

Steel Caddie Barbecue

Steel Swing Barbecue

Green: The most exclusive model of barbecue

Wide surfaces. An impact outlook. Sensations of cleanness, simplicity, comfortable spaciousness. Green. The most exclusive model of barbecue. A reference to the great harmony of the flattest and breeziest areas of a golf course. Where the challenge is played. Aiming at the excellence of result.

Caddie: The big classical model among the barbecues by Steel

Any situation is accompanied with the best performance. Max. functionality and quality. Caddie. The big classical model among the barbecues by Steel. Faithfull just like the best caddie on the golf course. Thanks to its plainness, it is suitable for a perfect outdoor banquet.

Swing: A state-of-the-art barbecue.

The purity of the steel. Soaring lines. Swing emotions. Swing. A state-of-the-art barbecue. Stunning like the move of the golfer during the stroke. The same equilibrium. The same power. The same geometry: sinuous, faultless, dynamic.